1. chels:

    Idea Channel made the one April Fool’s Day joke that got me to chuckle. That near-to-bursting-out-laughing look in Mike’s eyes at the end just got me. 

  2. Friday, March 21st
    Malmö, Sweden.
    Cafe at the beach.

  3. Friday, March 21st
    “Turning Torso”
    Malmö, Sweden

  4. Möllevångstorget, Malmö

  5. Friday, March 21st.
    Hello Sweden!
    The Öresund Bridge (Öresundsbron in Swedish) which connects Copenhagen, Denmark to Malmö, Sweden with 8km of bridge and 4km of tunnel across the Öresund strait.

  6. Danish coins

  7. Thursday, March 20th.
    First day in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Having lunch out in the sun by the locks with the greatest dude I know.

  9. bahahahaha. Goats. < 3

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  10. damn-the-jam:



    Bath mat turns red when wet. 

    I need towels made out of this, and then I’d make my guests use them with out telling them.

    Then wait for the screams of terror.

    Calm down there, Satan.

    reblogging just for that comment

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